Party Pictures

Mitabe. Definitely the best African band in China.

Me with Eric and Titi. Photo by Jacob.

Mei Fong, WSJ reporter and glamour puss and
husband Andrew.

Jacqui C with Richard Middleton, who has the finest
British accent I’ve heard this side of Sir John Gielgud.

The party’s over, and Jim Yardley shows it.

Jacqui and Wyatt Cameron, Dulwich college glamour couple.

Becky surprises me by taking the mic and giving a very eloquent thank you toast (the eloquence was not surprising — her saying she wanted to speak was.)
Becky and Maya Alexandri

Keary Liu dancing with her irrepresible husband, the most outgoing Chinese man in China. She has Pittsburgh roots. He is hilarious.

Michael and Lisa Pos, Emily Galpern (barely visible) and Maria Barnett

Us, with Ding ayi

With Yasuko (by Jacob)
With Emily (by Jacob)

Becky with Jason Dean and Andrew Batson from her office (by Jacob)

With Liora and Gabby (Israeli/Argentine friends) and Tracy and Greg Madden (Moon PA natives and hardcore Steelers fans — or fan anyhow).

Becky with US Embassy press guru Susan Stevenson

Peter and Julia Swanston arrive (by Jacob)

Vivian Nazarri and husband John arrive on the red carpet to be greeted by the great paparazzi Jacob Paul and his omnipresent camera.

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