I am not a blogger

Please let’s no longer refer to this as a blog. Just call it Alan’s website.

I watched the CNN election coverage for a good while this morning on an exercise bike and they kept going to some bloggers room they had set up, with representatives of left and right wing blogs there pecking away and offering their generally predictable opinions and commentary. What a bunch of weasels!

Both sides were just such a pack of geeks, the kids you avoided all through school because they though they knew it all and were incredibly annoying. It really made me humiliated to have anything to do with them. So remember that I am not a blogger. I am a writer with a personal website to document mine and my family’s life in China.

And along those lines, it still amazes me when I see a mule and buggy or a herd of sheep go by on Jing Shun Lu, right outside our compound.

In other news, I stopped by school today to drop something off and it was lunchtime so I popped in to say hi to Jacob. He was sitting with his friend Edward, he of the perfect British accent, and he said with great excitement and twinkling eyes, “We looked up sax in the book todya and it said ‘when a man palces his penis directly into a woman’s vagina.'”

“What book were you looking at?”

“A dictionary.”

“An Oxford dictionary,” interjected Edward.

Sure to be some interesting discussions tonight.

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