More on Henry Ford

I really got intrigued about this subject and did some digging.

Here’s some more facts about Henry Ford’s hateful tract.

And look at this. You can buy it anywhere in the world right now, from Amazon. Am I naive, or silly to feel this is not a good thing?

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  1. B
    B says:

    I think that anything less than your own honest, humble observations and feelings would be the “Wrong” choice to make. Isn’t that what the heart of the best journalism is about? You’re abroad, exploring the human condition, experiencing the richness of life. I greatly enjoy these connections to the greater world you bring my inbox/browser so frequently.

    The house building is a good idea. I always think of the term “samurai”, which means, in crude translation, “to serve”. I’ve volunteered a lot since my days as an Eagle Scout, always good for the soul.

    Miss you Alan, when are you coming back? C’mon, Iowa ain’t that far!

    Peace and God bless,


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