Not much…

Well, it’s been a rough few days. Becky in Taiwan, Jacob laid out with stomach flu and Eli staying home from school because of a fever. He should have gone in today, though. He was fine, and bored. Anyhow, Jacob is slowly getting better, I think, and Becky is coming home tonight, a day early. In the meantime, I am in some sort of weird time warp. I think I forget how to type.

These situations are tough. I couldn’t figure out how to advise B about travel.. when he seemed better, it seemed foolish for her to come back.. then he took a turn for the worse and it seemed foolish for me to not tell her to come back. Finally, I hoped that Murphy’s Law would kick in and the mere act of her getting on a plane would trigger a recovery so that by the time she got back it seemed unnecessary. Seemed like a good plan and it may actually be working. He ate a little dinner for the first time in three days.

In the meantime, Eli lost a top tooth which is totally adorable. I will get a picture of that and get it up ASAP.

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