Long-distance playdates

Saturday morning, Eli and his best friend in Maplewood, Jackson Wagner, had a long-awaited, much-discussed Club Penguin playdate. I called Rick, we put the kids on, each on speakerphone, and they found each other on Club Penguin and played for a good hour or more.

Thanks to my Vonage unlimited plan, time was of no concern. It was all pretty classic.

Jackson’s dad Rick wrote this, summing it up quite well:

That was amazing, 2 kids on opposite side of the planet playing together, communicating and having a great time. It made me think of the equivalent when I was a kid… we were fascinated by walkie talkies, or taking 2 metal cans and a piece of string and talking through it, thinking it was so high science.

How the world has changed. And the fact that the phone call
didn’t cost you a dime makes it even more amazing. Let’s do it again soon.

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