Another going away party

A bunch of guys from PA: Tom Kirkwood (Shawney),
visiting friend Dave (Moon Twp/Pittsburgh), Greg Madden
(Moon Twp/Pittsburgh).

Kate Kirkwood, Becky, Tracy Madden, who is
Cleveland bound.

Caroline Madden (center) with two Kirkwoods
and Jacob. She has been a good friend of Jacob’s
for two years, whether they will admit it or not. We
are very sorry to see them go.

People are leaving left and right, for vacation and for good. t’s really one of the most jarring things about living here. Our kids have school through next week, but other int’l schools finished last week and the place is emptying out. Because we are coming home in August this year because of Josh’s bar mitzvah, we won’t see most of our friends for two months. And many will be gone when we return, with a new crop of expats taking their places.

The Madden Family are bound for Cleveland n two days. They are Pittsburgh natives and have been good friends. We haven’t socialized with them as much as some others, but we all like each other a lot and I really enjoyed having them here. Always good to know a Steelers fanatic is close at hand. Greg is a very thoughtful guy and has been very good to discuss school and other kids issues with.

We had them and osme others over for abarbecue good bye dinner on sunday night.

Woodie Alan is also going to miss Greg; he has been one of our biggest fans and most ardent supporters. People from Pittsburgh have impeccable taste in music.

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