We are back and getting up to speed.

It is almost 11 am now and I feel like I’ve been up for a day.. because I basically have been. Jacob woke up at midnight, Eli at about 3 am, Anna at 3:30. All three are at school now. We’ll see how that goes. History shows they will do fine at school and fall asleep before 6 and so the cycle will continue.

The trip wasn’t easy. Jacob fell asleep early.. Eli woke him up.. Anna slept two hours early at most an that was a nap.. then she was up and grumpy and finally fell asleep on descent. Eli got grumpy but he got in a good four hours or so. It’s always exhausting but it always ends and then we’re home.

Right now, it feels really good to be back here. The kids were excited to go to school. They may just have been excited to get out of the house after being up so long. Our battery was dead. I had promised Eli I would drive him to school this morning and couldn’t so I actually rode the bus with him, which was fun. there are lots of new people around here.

Eli was a little tentative but then saw his buddies and just melted in there. Jacob was very excited, which was nice to see. He was bawling Saturday night saying good bye to all of his cousins.

We had a great trip. We covered a lot of ground (2,195 miles, but who’s counting?), and spent a lot of great time with people we love. If you were one of them, thanks. If we missed you, I’m sorry and I’m sure I regret it. As much as we do, we always leave as much undone and wishing we could have gotten to it.

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