The winter show for second and third grade is the Snow Queen and every kid in both grades drew a poster in art class. One was selected in a contest to be reproduced and put all over the school and that was Eli’s. he is really proud. I took this image form the school website, where it is featured, much to his delight. Click on it to have a better look.

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    Anonymous says:

    My family are moving to beijing from NYC. How bad is the air in Beijing lately? Do people with little kids (we have to toddlers) live in CBD area at all? thanks! cann’t find your contact information. would like to email you if you don’t mind.

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    Eli! You are a wonderful artist. You must be so proud your poster was chosen! I wish I could get your father to put copies of your pictures on his photo site so I could get enlargements and frame them.
    YOU ARE TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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