Vietnamese Art

There is some great art in Vietnam. We went to a gallery in Hanoi that was highly recommended ad below is some of the stuff we liked. In the past when we’ve bought art, it’s been easy because we have been in agreement right away. Not so this time.

We didn’t want to force it, so we decided to take pics of the ones we liked to look at and decide later. We could always call and have something shipped to Beijing.

Comments follow, along with the piece we finally stumbled onto and bought.

This was part of a series and I really liked it.
Would have bought it straight away. Becky liked
but wanted something that felt more Vietnamese.

We both liked this. Neither of us loved it. It has
grown on me.

We both liked this, but it was a little eerie and
it wasn’t clear if we wanted it in our house.

Becky and Jacob loved this one. I wasn’t sure.
I spent some time sitting on the floor staring and
was starting to come around but we had to leave with
the decomposing kids before we had a chance to really go further.
It is cool and pulls you in. Not sure that is conveyed in
this small image. Later, without talking to us, our friends Jen
and Patrick went back and bought this.

Another series I loved and would have bought
any of them. Becky found them too muted.

Beautiful colors, cool textures you can’t see, but
didn’t really move me and felt a little trite or something.

Another from the above artist. We both liked this.
Same concerns as above.

So we couldn’t agree on any of the above, which started at $1,000 and didn’t want to force it. Later, Jacob was hungry. Becky took me into a place to get some french fries. Anna didn’t want to go. I took her into a crafts store. I saw this painting on the wall and loved it. I got Becky. she agreed. I asked the owner how much.
“Well, he’s kind of famous in Hanoi so it’s more expensive. $50.”
It’s in our house now and I love it.

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