On the Wall with Padres

Wet to te Great Wall with the San Diego Padres today. Had fun and there were some good dudes. I am writing up a piece for WSJ so more details to come... but all-time MLB saves leader Trevor Hoffman is a cool guy. We rode a slide down together.…

Yao’s injury — Slam post

The reaction to yao's injury over here has been interesting.. a near panic. Here' my take.

Exhibition Baseball and Otis Rush

The Padres and Dodgers are playing two games at the new Olympics baseball stadium this weekend. I'm going to both, Saturday as press, Sunday with the whole fam. We are going on a bus with or two with almost 90 other people organized by a friends'…

Woodie Alan chugging along

We've had gigs the last three weekends -- have I mentioned how patient my wife is? -- and they've all gone really well. Lots of fun. One more this week before we have a little bit of a break.I put new blog posts up on the band website if you…

Olympics gig and update

I can finally say that I ll be working for NBC during the Olympics as their "Beijing blogger." Details to follow. I am excited. In other Olympics news, this is a little disconcerting. Could it be harbinger of things to come?

All the news that fits the stereotype

Boy, this one is delicious. The New York Times wrote a fawning review and then an even more fawning profile of a book by a half Navaho/half white woman raised in a foster home on the mean streets of LA. She witnessed horrors, bought a burial…

Cover boy

Jacob and his friend Max are on the cover of this month's TBJ Kids magazine. It is widely distributed around here. I went into school today and saw them strutting around with copies.

Another Woodie Alan original

"I Don't Care"... I wrote the lyrics on the back of a Hong Kong Disney map while waiting for Jacob and Eli to come off of Space Mountain. Also from last Saturday at Yugong Yishan. I'm happy that we finally got videos of songs I feel good a…

RE: Hebner

Since I can't respond in the proper place, I will do so here.Fat Al,To set the record straight, Myron, Murray Chase, myself and others in-fact started out as TA Forward sports editor.Don't remember having you call Myron re: Richie Hebner but...Richie…

Yet another new song

Video from the Yugong Yishan gig the other night. This was the first time we played this song live. "Got Love If You Want It"