As many of you know, my 15-y.o. nephew Jesse is staying with us for five or six weeks this summer. It’s been great. he is working as a counselor at Dulwich Soccer Camp and Jacob and Eli are happy campers (literally). Eli has never had so much fun playing soccer.

They would follow him to the end of the world.

Our friends John and Vivian also have a teen, staying with them, 14 y.o. Nico, a son of a friend and colleague. They live just a few houses away and luckily the two boys have hit if off and have been having a lot of fun together. My kids love Nico as well.

I took Jesse, Nico and Jacob on a great hike yesterday. It was a beautiful but smoldering hot day. We walked from Jinshanling to Simatai. It was the second time I have done this. The wall is unreconstructed here and parts are falling apart. It is exceptionally beautiful and the kids did great.

I was really proud of Jacob, because this is not an easy day. About 10 km, four hours up and down in a broiling sun.

Video coming next.

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  1. Andee
    Andee says:

    Alan – While you were hiking the Great Wall, we were at EKC, celebrating its 100th birthday. Lots of reminiscing, etc.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Al – What spectacularly beautiful shots you got – some of the prettiest ones yet! The boys look great! I’ve been getting some hilarious emails from Joan.
    Love CW


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