Lhasa Day 2

We made the rounds today. Visited Potala Palace, highest and largest palace in the world in the morning, then the Bokhur Market, filled with pilgrims circling the city and the Jokhur Temple.. the holiest of holy spots for Tibetan Buddhism. In front there are lines of pilgrims prostrating themselves. Our guide some people do it for days on end.

It’s all very moving. Feeling better in terms of the latitude. Tomorrow we are going to higher lake in the mountains. Too tired to write more.

In front of Potala Palace, after our visit.

With our very nice guide Li Don.

Hundreds of pilgrims walk loops around Lhasa all day.
The mountains are stunning.

Turning the prayer wheel.

Pilgrim from the countryside making her
first visit to Lhasa. This was at Potala.
Anyone care to guess her age? Winner gets
a bag of yak jerky.

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