It was a great night for the WSJ at the Loeb Awards.I’m proud to say Rebecca was in the middle of several of these stories, some of which were finalists for the Pulitzer. The Loebs are the elite Biz Journalism awards.

Two awards are of special note to me:

1. The “What They Know” series about the tracking of online consumers, by Julia Angwin, Emily Steel, Scott Thurm and WSJ staff. Rebecca was very involved in the planning of this and I heard about it from the start and thought it was a great, important idea. Julia and co,. executed it beautifully. A fantastic series.
2. The fact that Cui Rong (Carolyn Cui) was one of the reporters on the “Flash Crash” series, which won for Breaking News. Cui Rong was a news assistant in Beijing and came to Columbia with the help of Rebecca and Kathy Chen. She has made the most of this opportunity and we are all proud of her. I feel like a proud papa!

If you follow the link above, you can read most of these stories.

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