You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Woodie Alan cover Dylan

Thank you to everyone who has been writing me after reading the book. I really welcome and value the feedback. Many have told me that they’ve been enjoying poking around YouTube and watching Woodie Alan videos after reading the book. Since many seem particularly enamored of this tune, I thought I would share it here again.

We had just rearranged the song, and it really became much better from here. The version on the Beijing Blues CD features an extended bass solo intro where Zhang Yong really explores some Chinese motifs, and Dave playing a breathy, emotive tenor sax solo which I much prefer to his synth. But this captures something – including the ambiance of our favorite little club, Jianghu Jiuba, which is almost liek a character in Big in China.

Watching this makes me miss Woodie with a deep, profound ache.


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