Rebecca Blumenstein – feminist icon

“There’s this feeling that women can’t do it all, and I would like to humbly submit that I disagree.”
-Rebecca Blumenstein, Wall Street Journal Deputy Managing Editor

I’m sure you know this, but Rebecca is also my wife.

Photo by George Lange

I stumbled upon a great interview with her today. I am, of course, very proud of her and really think that she should rightfully be a feminist icon of sorts. The reporter made a few transcription errors, which can happen, but I think it captures the drive, essence and integrity of Rebecca very well.

Another gem from the interview: “Balance is important, because if you don’t have it you can’t think, you can’t speak, you can’t have the big thought or idea. It’s also important to have a supportive partner who can help you. If you have the right partner, you are offered more flexibility and options than ever before.”

There is another feature on her here, where she calls me a “Type C.” I am going to assume the reporter misheard her saying “Type B.”

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