Thank you for all your support of me and Big in China

Packed at house Words, Maplewood. Thanks.

Dear Friends,

As we near the end of 2011, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped this be an absolutely tremendous year for me.

Big in China was released March 1 and it’s been a fun and wild ride.

Woodie Alan reunion Beijing book tour. with Lu Wei and Zhang Yong

The latest update is that my movie deal is done. Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures has optioned the rights and they are actively moving on it. Writer Paul Fruchbom has been hired and is working on a script. Becky and I have both spoken to him at length. Reitman is signed on as director and producer. We will see what this year brings on that front. It’s still a long, slow process and anything could happen, but it’s moving in the right direction. If you would like to stay up to date, keep checking here, where I am blogging regularly.

Jamming with Mark Karan at San Fran party at the Hi Dive

Many of you have read Big in China and been in touch with me about the book. Thank you very much for your support, for coming to my readings, listening to radio interviews, watching on TV, and spreading the word. Please keep telling people about the book. I have found that word-of-mouth marketing is my most effective tool. If you have read Big in China and enjoyed it, please recommend the book and mention it on Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon – however you communicate with your people.

Maddie and Anna at Words, Maplewood

If you have not yet read Big in China, it’s not too late: just pop on over to my site or grab a copy at Amazon. I’d love to recommend your local bookstore, but you probably don’t have one, and if you do, they may not carry the book. That’s been a constant struggle. To my local friends, Words in Maplewood village has the book.

If you are interested in buying a signed copy for a holiday gift, just drop me a line. I will include a free Beijing Blues CD with any book sold. I have also appeared at quite a few book clubs, both in person and online and really enjoyed them. Anyone interested in this should also just give me a shout.

Again, thanks for all your support in 2011. I’m doing my best to keep chugging through 2012 and hope to see you somewhere along the way.

For those of you in metro New York, my band – Big in China, what else? – will be playing around soon. More information to come, but I’d love to see you there.

Thanks, and happy, healthy holiday season to one and all.



Sq. HIll buds Gregg Michaelson and George Lange at Words, Maplewood

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  1. Read Wineland
    Read Wineland says:

    Hello Alan,

    Loved the book, what a great adventure. There’s nothing like playing music in front of people and I was right there with you while reading the book. Music is a unifying entity for sure, and your experience proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. We can use more of that these days.

    I’d like to take advantage of your offer for an autographed copy and CD for myself and 5 others. How do I go about doing this?

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      Hey thank you very much. The easiest way to do this is by Paypal. Shipping will depend a little on whether I am shipping all copies to you, or to 6 separate places. Ler’s talk and we will work it out. If you don’t have Paypal, you can send me a check, or use a CC… I am set up to receive them for CDs and we can work that out as necessary.

      Books and Cd together are $20… shipping is about $3-5… I will work out a good deal for you…

      I appreciate the kind words and support.



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