I just plucked this email out of my SPAM folder and it reminded me of  Brave Dragons: A Chinese Basketball Team, an American Coach, and Two Cultures Clashing, the upcoming book from my friend Jim Yardley, which is all about the life and times of an American basketball coach working in China.

My name is ___ Li, I’m working as (AGENT) with the Chinese Jiangsu Nangang Dragons basketball club,

The management Of Jiangsu Nangang Dragons basketball club, has announced for head coach replacement in the club.This Head coaching contract with the Club is scheduled to start in the 3rd week o of January 2012.

We are very interested to welcome any experience foreign basketball coach/players who can satisfactorily create a great impact in the development of basketball with the Jiangsu Nangang Dragons basketball club.

This is a 24 months Head Coach contract with the Jiangsu Nangang Dragons basketball club. Salary for the coach $29,000 per month, can be transferred to any bank account of your choice in the world.

On the receipt of your resume, We shall outline the procedures in completing this vacancy.If you are interested forward your CV for assessment. And contact me directly for further negotiation:
Drop me a line if you want me to forward them your resume.

ADDED NOTE on 2-15-12: Yes, this is a scam and I know it is. I thought that was obvious, but several people have inquired about it… full discussion in comments section, but people are continuing to find this link so I wanted to make sure this was clear. 

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  1. theo
    theo says:

    Full details on being a foreign basketball coach in China revealed in Jim Yardley’s upcoming book “Brave Dragons”. Publishing date: Valentines Day.

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      Thanks Theo. I amended the post to include this information.Really looking forward to getting my hands on the book.

  2. Joao pedro Vieira
    Joao pedro Vieira says:

    Hello, my name is Joao Pedro Vieira and I am a Europeen basketball coach that is applying for the coaching job at Jiangsu Nangang Dragons basketball club
    After a couple of emails they are asking me to email the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to ask for a coaching license and work permit in China.
    All the emails are signed by Mr Chong Lee
    What can you tell me about this?

    Is it safe? Is it a internet scam?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Joao Pedro Vieira

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:


      I really don’t know. I read the letter and had the exact same confusion about whether or not it was an internet scam. It felt like a 50/50 possibility to me. I have your email and I am going to email you along with a friend in Beijing who really knows Chinese hoops inside out.

      • Jon Pastuszek
        Jon Pastuszek says:

        Just so everyone knows, this is 100% a scam. This one has been around for a while — an “agent” offers a good salary and a promise that all efforts will be made to secure this job IF you send in fees for a work permit and coaching license. Once the agent receives the money, he disappears never to be heard from again.

        Stay away from this.

          • Joao pedro Vieira
            Joao pedro Vieira says:

            Thank you guys for the information.
            Have to keep looking for a coaching job away from Europe, because around here is very hard with all of this financial crisis.

            Take care you all.

            Joao Pedro Vieira

  3. tracy
    tracy says:

    It is definitely a scam. Many of those emails are sent out and when answered ask for money to complete the “procedure” of becoming a coach in China. Once money is sent the so-called agent is never heard from again. Coaching in the Chinese league is not as easy as simply answering a random email!
    Take care~

  4. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Greeting,, I received such an offer recently. in my excitement I sent them my Resume.
    I became suspicious when they came back too soon with an offer letter like the one you posted for $29.000.00, car, fursished house etc. my attempt to find the club “Sunshine Flower Basketball Club” of the CBA, I could not find this club anywhere.
    Within a day or two I was Approved for this Position, Crazy.
    So, I decided to play the game. I will not send anymore Information to them but I will Play with them until they get Frustrated. Thanks for the heads up and lets Trumpet this all over the World so no one gets Scammed by these assholes. Thust me they will not get a penny from me and I will let them work for the money the will NOT collect.


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