Butch and Gregg watched on and approved.

I was at the Allman Brothers’ second Beacon rehearsal Friday and Derek was talking to Jaimoe about getting a mushroom tattoo on his calf. Wanting to make sure that his would match the tat that all the original members received together in San Francisco in January, 1971 from pioneering tattooist Lyle Tuttle, Derek was going around photographing theoriginal member’s artwork. (Details of the Tuttle tattoos are on page 112 of One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band.)

Derek and Warren have been the only members of the band ever to not receive them.

“Why are you doing this now?” I asked Derek.

“Because Jaimoe told me to and I do what Jaimoe says to do,” he replied.

I still wasn’t sure he was serious.

I arrived early on Sunday to find Jaimoe alone in the room behind his kit, with a few hard-working techs getting everything set. Gregg Allman Band keyboardist Pete Levin soon showed up, with two tattoo-artist friends. Derek was close behind. And so it began.

I asked the tattoo artist, Brian, what he thought. “Easy job,” he replied. “Somewhat intimidating setting.”

And that was before Gregg, Butch and everyone else showed up and crowded around.

The stencil

As Jaimoe stood there videoing the action with his phone, I asked him why he pushed Derek to do this now, seemingly six shows from the end of the guitarist’s Allman Brothers career.

“Young Blood told me he wanted this about two years ago and I couldn’t believe it, but no one knew an artist,” he replied.

Derek was reclining on the couch stoically watching the Jacksonville Jaguars game on his Iphone as the artist worked away. The setup had taken so long that the band members arrived one by one and strolled over to have a look. As you can see, uncle Butch and Gregg shared a moment together while this was going on. They were all quite amused and excited.

Derek watching some football as he gets inked.

I shot some classic video, which I will share after I get it over to Derek.

After Derek, several other people got the same tattoo, including Gregg confidante Chank Middleton and drum tech Stixx Turner, whom Gregg and Butch proclaimed to be the first female to be so adorned.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    In case you see this Alan you know it says 4 comments and read below but the comments are not visible on any brower I use.

  2. Karinja Karisma
    Karinja Karisma says:

    First off, Great book Alan.. blew me away, and I swear, when I do One Way Out with the boys, I feel All Brotherish… Thanks Alan. The insight and quite qualifying quotes were affective and authentic… made for a great read and an inspiration to keep writing, singing, and working on those callouses…
    Saw Tedeschi Trucks last year at Red Rocks with the best damn legs in Rock and Roll, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. what a blast.

    Keep writing and teaching us all about the minds behind the music…
    From a fellow writer,
    Paul Karinja

    Cool tat… thinkin’ I might….

  3. Frederick Vaughn
    Frederick Vaughn says:

    Gentlemen, I attended high school in the Muscle Shoals Alabama area until 4 years ago, I resided there. I attended many events which headlined the real decoys. I appreciate the style and professionalism of a tuned and tight groove. I’m sure you guys both pioneered, created and collaborated during the creation of southern rock. Thank you for the effort and desire to do it right! When it comes to creativity, the creation is all that matters because a like football coach your work is displayed under bright lights. Congrats, on a life spent at the top of your profession.

  4. chip laibl
    chip laibl says:

    and the sound and all that makes it happen moves into the next generation
    and i thank god for it, i am a happy peach head!!!!
    Thank,you Greg and Butch and all past/current band members
    Chip Laibl

  5. Kenny Williams
    Kenny Williams says:

    Great 2 c.Rick Hall,FAME,was papaw’s neighbor when I was growing up.I would hide in woods and listen to Duane on porch and been a fan since.Have Hourglass,Allman Joy,and Anthology 1and 2. Always think,what might have been? Always wanted to meet Greg,still listen to all the records.Even the Greg and Cher.

  6. paul
    paul says:

    Awesome – they’ll be back playing together after they give their solo projects room to breath…the clarion call of their souls will be to great to deny – a well deserved break is how I’m looking at it…and I’ve been on the peach truck since 1970 – I know lineup changes I know breaks in the action – I championed them for ten years from 1982-1992 on the air – when no one was “back together again” – Thanks for the post!

  7. Carl Colombini
    Carl Colombini says:

    My favorite group, there are no others that can compare. Miss Duane, always wonder how much better if he would have been here.

  8. Jim Locke
    Jim Locke says:

    Hey, Alan… I read your book and many other words of yours about the ABB. My history goes back to 1971 when my brother told me about them and a concert they played in Colorado with Big Brother and the Holding Company and Delaney and Bonnie. I had played around at playing guitar for about 8 years at the time but they hooked me. The first lead I learned was Dickey’s from Done Somebody Wrong… and I saw Duane’s next to last show in Marietta, Ohio where I grew up. It was incredible with Luthor Allison on the bill and jamming with them later on.

    When I read Coricidin was going to plastic bottles silly me went out and only bought two glass ones. However, as the years rolled by I didn’t get that good with it. I tried to find more of them, writing to Wheaton Glass who purportedly manufactured them. The guy didn’t know exactly what I was describing so he asked me to send one to him. Reluctantly, and stupidly… I sent him one. He sent me back a boxful of look alikes… but not the original. I was left with one.

    I read an article in a guitar magazine that the band played an unplugged show, and Warren left his C-bottle on the set after the show. Someone took it. Since they were coming to Ohio I called the venue as I wanted to give him my last one since I wasn’t in the same Universe as he playing with the damn thing. When I called it was pretty funny.

    Me: Yes, I’d like to give Warren Haynes a bottle….

    Them: “What? What do you mean a bottle?”
    Me: “It’s a Coricidin bottle.”
    Them: What’s that
    Me: It’s a cold tablet.
    Them: Wait.. you wanna give Warren some cold tablets?!?
    Me: No, no, no… it’s a bottle, you play guitar with it. Ask Bud Snyder (who was with them at the time.)
    Them: Alright…. what’s your information? (and she sounded exasperated… but within 10 minutes I got a call back:
    Them: Mr. Locke? Warren said that would be a way cool thing, but you have to give it to me and I’ll give it to him.
    Me: That’s fine… just really make sure he gets it.
    Them: We will.

    When I dropped it off that afternoon, she said Warren wanted to thank me personally and left two after show passes for me. He was very gracious.

    I’ve met Gregg twice, once loaded.. once not. I whispered “I’m glad you’re clean and sober, Gregg.” He replied “not half as glad as I am, buddy….”

    Dickey I’ve only met once but he was blasted with cocaine and what not… yet still he was quite gracious and pleasant.

    There you have it.. my Allman close encounters. Since I have been so touched by them, and even though they don’t know it they taught me how to play guitar… (look up Lisa Beck and Rock Solid on YouTube)………. but I feel a part of the ABB family. Also I’ve wanted to get a tattoo but didn’t know what to get. When I saw Derek getting one and the article you posted I KNEW that was it! Only problem is….. all I’ve seen is the outline. Can you please tell me what colors are in it?!



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