Happy Birthday Pop Pop

My dad, aka dixie doc aka Pop Pop is 70 today, 11-01-05.

The kids made these signs to wish him a happy one. The fourth shortie is Eli’s friend Millie. This was right after the two of them played a spirited game of “husband and wife” which included E protecting the homestead and kinder from rampaging dinosaurs. I heard her say to him, in her perfect British accent, “You put the baby [doll] to sleep and I’ll take some lovely photos.”

Anyhow, happy birthday Dixie and please read the post below.

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  1. Linda Kessler
    Linda Kessler says:

    Just read about you taking your driving tests. It’s a riot, considering how everyone drives in China!

    Also, brought back memories of us taking our tests in the UK, which were TOUGH. We practiced! Forty five minutes of stopping “gear shift” car on hills, backing up around corners hugging the kerbs, and many double roundabouts. Most people fail a few times before passing. We are both first timers!!

    Blog is great. Feel like I’m there.


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