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This is one of my favorite pictures from the Steelers Nation section of the Post Gazette website. It is a youth football team from Georgia, coached by Pittsburgher Army guys on a base. I submitted my Beijing group shot there about an hour…
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Mighty Steelers Nation alive and well in Beijing

We are five strong. The few, the proud, the brave... the Steelers Nation of Beijing. Made it to the Goose and Duck in time for the 4:06 am kick off. Three guys from Squirrel Hill, one guy from upstate New York who loves the Steelers…

Talmudic Steelers conversation, only for the lunatics

Note: this will only appeal to a limited audience. You know who you are. Old friend Steve Galpern wrote the following from Denver, addressed to many of us in the diaspora.. It prompted lenghthy dialogues, which I present you in a highly edited…

More Steelers news

Please behold this incredible picture of Eva, Talia and Maya Rosen. Now if these beautiful girls can be transformed into black and gold fanatics in a few short years, please imagine my 11-year-old psyche in 1977 as the Steelers began their…

My third column is up today

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Wilson Pickett, R.I.P.

One of my favorite singers, "Wicked" Wilson Pickett died yesterday. He sang “Mustang Sally,” “In the Midnight Hour” and many more. It’s also worth digging up a copy of him singing lead on the Falcons’ 1962 “I found A…
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You get to vote again — Steelers Nation column?

Ok, Read this and tell me what you think.. should I get my ass out of bed and get down to this bar at 4 am Monday morning to watch the game with this lunatic to see what happens and whether or not I can get a good end to this column? Or should…

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...those who have offered it. To be clear, if I decide to use this for a column, it would be about half as long and not so much about the people I know. Dixie writes, Now that you know promoters and a really bad band can do it,how about…

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Let me know if you think the Backstreet Boys story in a greatly edited form, maybe cut in half and with some facts and quotes from the concert guys added in would make a good column. cast your vote soon.

Backstreet Boys Report

I wouldn’t cross the street to see the Backstreet Boys back home. Yet there I was the other night crossing from one end of Beijing to the other, probably passing by about 8 million people in route to see the past-their-prime boy band perform…