Reports from the frontline

With all the talk about us Pittsburgh expats and the diaspora’s never-ending love for the steelers, it is sometimes easy to forget that real people actually live there. here are some reports from recently transplanted Pittsburghers about what what was going on yesterday.

Danny Rosen writes:

I was blown away by what has happened here the past two weeks. The entire
city was dressed in black and gold almost every day, it was totally normal
to be sitting next to someone on the bus whose face was painted a week
before the game or that our Rabbi wore a Steeler shirt all weekend.
Yesterday was insane, the supermarket was more crazy than the day before
Thanksgiving, stores closed early (including 5 of the 6 major malls). Maya
and I went for a walk 2 hours before game time (we had been kicked out of
the house for Shani and Eva’s mother daughter book club) and any stores that
were still open were selling Steeler stuff and people were waving and
honking their horns.

As you know, we had a party, but the girls insisted we not invite anyone.
They were locked in and serious and had no time for chit chat. One note on
attire: Eva was in her lucky Steeler shirt, but Maya had not worn a Steeler
shirt for the last three victories (always wore it the Friday before game
day) and did not want to jinx anything. All girls waved terrible towels, but
some believed that Talia carried hers like a blankie. I am not sure if
Madden covered this during the game, but we had a Shane factor going on.
She was in the room, Steelers did well, she left (to put Talia to bed) and
things looked bleak. Needless to say, we had her there for the 4th quarter.

After they won (picture our house now), we, with all our neighbors stood on
our porch in the freezing cold with snow whipping in our face, screaming for
the Steelers, singing, and chanting. You could hear the city exploding –
fireworks, horns, and cheering. It was amazing. The girls were so excited.

And my main man Ping An actually made it back from China for kickoff. I love this guy. He says:

I got back to Pgh a couple hours before kickoff. This
time no delay in Tokyo and no luggages either(Northwest did it again). No complain this time though, I was just happy to be able to catch the game. There was a guy in line behind me filing missing luggage report wanted to give me $20 so he could file
before me and not miss the kickoff.

It’s quite a scene after game here in Squirrel Hill.
Fireworks! People crowded Forbes/Murray intersection.

Time to celebrate!


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