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Brother Delaware Dave writes in:

Hey thanks for the shout out to Emma. She was really thrilled to see her picture on blog. For some reason she had not been reading it. Jesse always independently looks at the computer. Emma doesn’t spend so much time on line. All of a sudden she is all over your blog and asking how to reply.

Funny responses on the Steeler story. Guess you hit a chord with the Pittsburgh Diaspora. I’ve always wondered why so many people leave Pittsburgh if they like it so much? My conclusion is that there are a lot of smart people there, but obviously not the opportunity for those folks as there is in the broader world. No wall street, few magazines, small arts scene, only 1 NICU……I would doubt that there is such strong feelings about the Youngstown or Des Moines diaspora but I could be wrong. Sounds like Eli is doing better-good to know.

Glad to make Emma happy. Send me more photos and I will post them.

I think David is right on target about Pittsburgh. Many of us set out to college, then start pursuing careers, ambitions, etc and find ourselves far away. Life gets in the way and suddenly you are settling down elsewhere. Pittsburgh certainly isn’t Bay City or Steubenville where most people from upwardly mobile households feel they are failures if they end up back there, but it has a touch of that.

We just grew up in a way that said, “The world is your oyster. Go out and conquer it.” Or something like that. I really can’t remember what I thought in high school about where I would end up living. I don’t recall having any huge ambition to live any particular place but I think there was a general assumption that you could and should go out and puruse whatever you were doing to the fullest and an understanding that would generally lead you away from Pittsburgh.

Also, you can’t fully realize how unique of a place it is until you go out and live elsewhere for a while.

Amy Mindell writes in from Detroit. I managed to help transfer my People gig to her when we moved from Ann Arbor to Maplewood almost 8 years ago (hard to believe it’s been that long, but Jacob is about to have his eighth birthday.) She’s still plugging away for them, which had her running around Detroit during SB week. She writes:

I’ve been enjoying your excitement over the Steelers, and the cool feedback. what a high.

I can tell you Detroit was awesome and I was so proud of the city. I spent a lot of time downtown bc of multiple People assignments, and it was a different city than I’ve seen in my life. Miraculous sight. Total strangers said the same exact thing that was in my heart, the pride we felt in the city rising to the challenge with dignity. We were kick-ass hosts (‘cept that murder on Fort and Cass).

I rode the people mover crushed against suburbanites with their kids (kids! in downtown Detroit), steelers and seattle fans, young people out partying at clubs, and everyone was upbeat, helpful and uncomplaining. The city looked beautiful.

Anyway, hope Eli is feeling better, don’t feel too bad, it happens. We do what we think is ok and hope for the best all the time.

Thanks Amy. We take chances with the kids all the time, I guess, but one of them bites you in the ass, it hurts. he is doing much better but I won’t be fully satisifed until he is walking normally.

And last but not least, Art chimes in, fresh from vacation in orlando:

That home alone is no rated G movie Al. Better watch that one with them to explain it. If you don’t you might find a flower pot falling on your head when you open the front door!!

Good to hear puzzle master is doing well. Ankles are no fun…sprains are worse than fractures; neither is good.


Very good point about Home Alone. It is both heartwarming and terrifying to watch Jacob’s reaction to the slapstick violence. He literally rolls around the floor laughing as people step on nails, get shot in the butt with staples, have their heads set ablaze, etc. Eli likes it, too but not like Jacob. And it is really terrifying, though certainly not surprising, just how bad Home Alone 3 and especially IV are.

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