The horror

Came across this via Jed Sandberg's WSJ column, Cubicle Culture. Oh my. You can't get away with anything these days.

Terrible story

I somehow ended up following this story closely. Very, very sad.San Francisco ChronicleSearchers find missing dad's bodyPeter Fimrite, Jaxon Van Derbeken and Marisa LagosJames Kim Found Dead(12-06) 17:04 PST GRANTS PASS, ORE. -- James Kim died…

Visa renewal

We had a pretty classic trip to the police visa station yesterday.. I wrote about this place last year.. you go in and it’s just a huge hall filled with people and I mean filled. All foreigners have to go there to renew their long-term visas,…

Eli letter

Eli saw a picture of himself with Miss Deanna, his teacher from last year who has moved back to Florida and said how much he missed her. He decided to wrte her a letter. Here it is.

Jesse on the Mat again

Better results. I still can't imagine seeing my kid do this. Can't wait to watch Ben Kessler kick some booty though.

Holiday shows

Eli and Jacob had their big holiday shows the last two nights.They were held in a large Chinese high school with a full on stage, huge auditorium, etc. The kids were very very excited and it all went off well. I think Eli was more fired up for…

Dixie Update

Wow. What a world. Dixie and David Kann are on a ski trip in Aspen/Snowmass. They got out there when it was -5 degrees and 24 inches of new snow. Take the bad with the good. DK took this video of Dixie in Snowmass and emailed it to me here…

Jesse on the mat

Nephew Jesse Paul bravely sent me this video. I can't imagine watching my kid do this.Jesse gets bonus points for referring to himself as Power Saw.

Last week’s column

Soccer Season Turns Into'Bad News Bears' in Beijing Soccer has been a big part of our social life in Beijing. Within a few weeks of arriving here, we had signed our boys up for Saturday soccer with Sports Beijing, an organization that runs…

Zip, zip, zip

Wow. Things are moving fast. It’s been a very hectic time here, and the days are flying by. W are leaving December 15 to go back for two weeks, a whirlwind trip that I sort of opposed though I am sure I will love.It will also mark the halfway…