Botanical Garden

We went to the Beijing Botanical Gardens last weekend. it was very pleasant, a beautiful large park filled with Chinese families picnicking and enjoying their Sunday afternoon. We only saw a small corner of it, really.Near the large rose garden,…

Go Ben

More news on my nephews' athletic exploits. Ben Kessler ran a 5k in 33 minutes last night. Laura says he sprinted most of the time. He was the youngest kid in the race, not surprising since he's 6.5. He stands an excellent chance of being the…

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

A clip from last week's gig at the Stone Boat. we were a quartet, minus our percussionist. New bassist worked in and he was really good. I like our sound on this song. obviously, the light was a little too low for good video, however.

Discovering a new cousin

As I wrote before, a lot of people have been passing through town and we have been trying to see as many of them as possible. Tomorrow, Tom Weber of the WSJ arrives for two days. We’ll have a dinner with him and maybe I can get out to the…

Falling Behind

Hey, I know I need to do some posting here. Things are speeding up man. The school year is rapidly drawing to a close. We have two more weeks to go. Really hard to believe that we are nearing the end of year two in China. Fast. fast.Meanwhile,…

Anna and Eli Int’l Day

Eli proclaimed this the best day ever. They had a blast, with all the kids dressed up in some sort of clothes from their homeland. Notice Eli and Anna rocking the NBA jerseys. I couldn't attend, as it was the morning of the baseball press conference…

Give the bassist some

That's our girl Arlene. She was just buying a bass when we moved to China. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

One last Pulitzer celebration

The Beijing Foreign Correspondents Association had a little gathering to honor the WSJ Pulitzer team last week. Top picture is Becky and Jim Yardley drinking Pulitzer juice and handing off the award. Bottom is B and Andy Browne.

Eli rides a bike

This feels pretty big. eli has been gun-shy on dealing with bikes since our nasty accident last year. Then he suddenly was ready and we got it down in two days, about 10 minutes each. He rides with glee now.

Wild Wall, again

A few weeks ago I did a wild Wall hike with the regular Wednesday walkers. I'd like to get out with them more but I've been too busy. This was a good one. This section of the wall was really extremely overgrown and parts were crumbling big time.…