Eli graduation video

This is pretty priceless. Unfortunately, I made a mistake with the music. It should have stopped when Eli was talking, but doesn't. Try to listen to E through it.

Slam story on Yi Jianlin

I did a story on Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlin for Slam. he will be a top 10 pick in tomorrow's NBA draft. You can read it right here.

Eli’s graduation

Eli graduated last year. They have ceremonies when the kids move from one “Kay Stage’ to another and first grade is the end of Key Stage 1. So they had the full shebang last Thursday and it was a really sweet event.MY grandfather, the late,…

Original Instrumental

This was our opening cut. I wish I had the whole thing on video because I think it was really good. I named it "Mai Shi Jao Shi" which basically means no problem... literally "nothing happening, it's no thing."

Sara’s graduation

One really nice thing this spring has been that Becky’s little sister Sara has been here. She and her boyfriend John, who are both students at U-Michigan School of Architecture, are here studying the same for a summer program, along with students…

"Soulshine" with Jacob

Our gig Saturday was our first with full rhythm section and it was great.. our best, by far. Unfortunately, while I got some video, none of it really captures us at our finest. But I'm pretty fond of this one, for obvious reasons.

Bensons Visit

Oh my good ness. So much happening so fast now. I’ll be catching up on posts slowly all week.First, the Benson/Whitmire family is here. They are our first friends to visit with kids. They arrived Saturday afternoon. Jacob and I picked them…

Help Slam help kids

This is a great initiative being run by slam’s Managing Editor Susan Price – a big blog fan. I urge everyone to click on over and make a donation. You can’t go wrong funding playgrounds. I’ve made my donation and urge you to give yours.…

Jacob wins photo contest

The winning photo, though I did a better cropon the entry.The proud winner; the photo;the subject.They have a photo contest every year at the kids' school. Last year, Jacob and I both entered two shots n the Travel category. He was a finalist…

Another going away party

A bunch of guys from PA: Tom Kirkwood (Shawney),visiting friend Dave (Moon Twp/Pittsburgh), Greg Madden(Moon Twp/Pittsburgh).Kate Kirkwood, Becky, Tracy Madden, who isCleveland bound.Caroline Madden (center) with two Kirkwoodsand Jacob. She…