WSJ dominates the Loeb Awards

It was a great night for the WSJ at the Loeb Awards.I'm proud to say Rebecca was in the middle of several of these stories, some of which were finalists for the Pulitzer. The Loebs are the elite Biz Journalism awards. Two awards are of special…

Caffeine, the wonder drug

I love coffee so very, very much and I'm very glad to know that the addiction seems to be harmless and possibly even helpful. "There's really no good reason to quit using the stuff... It's pure awesome." This is a great video.

Capt. Dean Ween – rock and roll fishing trips

Ween has been one of my favorite bands for almost 20 years now. My love for the band, which began in earnest with their excellent 2004 album Chocolate and Cheese, led me to write a lot of articles about them, to see several of their…

Appearances next week: Pittsburgh and Maplewood

Monday 6/27: Pittsburgh JCC 1:15 pm Thursday 6/30: Maplewood Library 7 pm. http://ow.ly/5pzmQ

Lots to write about, but…

...no time to do it. Been moving like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. Oddly, yhis move could be relaxing - Pittsburgh for a few days. See you soon.    

One Sentence Book Review: Big in China

courtesy of the good folks at www.mandmx.com

An incomplete but thoroughly excellent Woodie Alan reunion

I have felt more homesick than usual on this trip to China – mostly I think because it came so hard on the heels of Jacob’s bar mitzvah and it was difficult o leave the family so far behind after such an intense and enriching experience…

Beijing Daze interview

Now things are really getting interesting with the haters. New BeijingDaze interview with me, where I answer the haters and they fire back. Am I wrong to think this is kind of fun? http://tinyurl.com/62anvz4
This is a nice review of my Bookworm reading, with pictures.   Note the comments below, including some haters. I think that's the same guy who posted something similar on the Hollywood Reporter story. It was great to…