I’m getting the band back together and heading to Shanghai and Beijing Lit Fests.

Very excited to announce that I will be headed to Beijing and Shanghai for book talks and Woodie Alan reunion shows.  March 15 in Shanghai, March 17 in Beijing. More details here.

I am appearing at the Shanghai Literary Festival and Capital Literary Festival. The WA shows are also part of the Jue Music Festival.

Thank you to Trevor Hale and Ford for the support in making this happen.

It will be a busy few days… On 3/15 in Shanghai I will be on a panel for a great new Earnshaw Books anthology of Expat Writing about China, followed by a Big in China book talk and Woodie Alan reunion show featuring the great Zhang Yong (张咏) and Lu Wei  (卢炜) as well as old friends and frequent WA guests/subs Tianxiao (王天晓) on sax and Feizai (飞仔) on lead guitar. Both of them also played with Woodie and ZY in Slap (耳光).

On Sunday 3/17 in Beijing, I will be on another panel for the Expat book at Capital M at 11 am and at 7 Pm that night, Woodie Alan will be back at our favorite little huton music bar, Jianghu Jiuba, which is owned by Tianxiao. Got it?

This is how I feel:

This is what we’ll be doing:

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