Bob Weir D’Angelico signature guitar unveiled

D’Angelico has released its  Premier SS Bob Weir Signature guitar. Check it out.

 The one I linked to is just one of three price points for the guitar, which looks and sounds great. I am looking forward to trying one out for myself.

I interviewed Weir’s guitar tech AJ Santella last fall whenI wrote this Guitar World cover story on Bob and he told me a bit about the extensive process of developing the guitar, which is a synthesis of various D’Angelico models.

“They’ve been wonderful to work with,” Santella told me. “Bob kept taking different D’Angelico hollowbodies, playing them for a while, offering feedback, swapping pickups and tremolo systems and sending them notes after a few weeks of onstage trial. It’s been a process of refining these great guitars into something that’s just how he wants it – very playable and light and able handle the volume he needs. He’s very excited about this guitar.”

The guitar company recorded this video of Weir playing the guitar, and discussing it as well  as sharing some great Jerry Garcia and other tales. Enjoy: