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This is just a very sad day Really just a very hard day. Thank you for all your thoughts and notes. My personal loss is a tiny fragment of the big picture. It’s a giant loss for the community, for music and, of course, for Gregg’s family.

Gregg was a huge part of my personal and professional life and his death feels giant and profound. I thought I was ready for it but have learned otherwise. My job also gave me a front row seat into how much he meant to how many. The music will truly live forever. It has not aged in 50 years and won’t age in 500 more.

I wrote this personal reminiscence for Billboard, and this obit for the WSJ.
Will share more up here.

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  1. Chris Field
    Chris Field says:

    So sorry to hear of Gregg’s passing. He was certainly blessed with the finest white blues/soul voice I’d ever heard and his music brought so much pleasure and emotion to many people. Condolences to all his family and also to you Alan as one of his friends and biographers. (You were kind enough to send me a dedication for “One Way Out”). We will surely never see the likes of him again. A sad time for everyone connected with the Allman family. Cherish the music.


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