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More pictures, from Ritan park

Ritan Park is a beautiful, peaceful place smack dab in the middle of Beijing. We went there Saturday for the second time, with Kathy Chen and her family. The kids all had a blast. That’s Anna with Olivia Moy (aka “my friend”). Kathy was a little spooked by the attention our family gets. The kids […]

Two good articles and some classic pictures

The links are long, but you can just click on them, I do believe. You have to do a free registration, but you should all be registered at the wash. post anyhow.i really can’t believe Bush won reelection. How lame does kerry seem in a bit of hindight? shockingly so to me. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/12/AR2005091201433.html And this […]

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I am now a sports columnist…

I just took a gig as sports columnist for That’s Beijing. It’s an English language monthly that seems to be quite well read by the expat community. It’s basically like Time Out for you New Yorkers except it’s monthly, not weekly. You can see it a bit at www.thatsbj.com. I met the restaurant editor at […]