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RIP Robert Hunter, one of the all-time great songwriters

Eyes of the World: An interview with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter So very, very sad to hear that Robert Hunter has passed away. To honor the man, I present my 2015 (?) interview. An edited version ran on WSJ.com as part of a preview…

Jacob and Shaq

Jacob came on my rounds through the city the other day. Really enjoyed visiting Slam and checking out Shaq's shoe. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location:The slamdome NYC

Rebecca and her Women's conference

My wife Rebecca Blumenstein wrote this brief summary of the Women's Conference she organized and ran in Palm Beach last week. I mean, The Wall Street Journal Task Force for Women in the Economy. I'm very proud.

A banner day in Pittsburgh

The Store treated the hometown boy very nicely.   Yesterday was one of those days that I will always remember, one of the moments from this book tour that will stand out and stand the test of the time. Thank you Pittsburgh. I'll…

New Huff Post blog: What looks like an anchor might be wings...

What Looks Like an Anchor May Be Wings. Why a guy who doesn't much like memoirs would write a memoir. My latest on the Huff Post.

Jefferson School, Day One

Whew. Day one went well. Long-promised ice cream cones at Hershey's in town afterwards...we even let them have double scoops and sprinkles. Eli told me tonight that Jefferson is "way better than Dulwich." I asked him and he gave…

Becky in the news

With the Olympics closing in, Rebecca is doing a lot more writing these days. So check out the WSJ every day and you will see her byline a lot more than any time in the past five or six years, since she first became a capo de capo. Last week,…

Becky, er, Rebecca returns

The famed Rebecca Blumenstein byline returns with this great storyabout a migrant worker's struggle to keep her kid in Beijing. It is, if I don't ay so myself, a really good story. Make sure you check out the accompanying video and its sterling…

Dixie in his element

Just found this video that I never dealt with from last summer. This is Dixie Doc leading us on a nature hike to the rocks behind Maple Mountain in an absolute downpour. The virgin oak forest there is so thick we were only getting a bit…
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Dixie's latest medical news

Archival photo from David Kann, circa 1987Ok, over a week has passed since Dixie’s latest mishap and I think he has cooled down enough to allow me to discuss in this public forum. I will start with this email from David Kann, which sums things…

Why Becky doesn't post, "Slippery Are Very Crafty"

Ever since I started writing this blog when we moved to Beijing in August 2005, people have piped up asking about Becky... wWy doesn’t she write here? Why don’t I talk about her more? Why am I so full of myself? (In so many words, anyhow) The…