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The Circle is Unbroken - Friends of the Brothers Return to Brooklyn Bowl 10/25

We will never allow the circle to be broken. Very excited to be returning to the great Brooklyn Bowl with Friends of the Brothers on October 25.  Tickets are just $12 and presales are a big help. Click here. FOB features Peter Levin…

B.B. and Buddy - my story in the New Yorker

In 1995, I had dinner with BB King and Buddy Guy in an Austin, Texas studio. It was after rehearsal and before recording the Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. As we ate, the two had the most incredible conversation, all captured on my tape recorder…
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I was on Imus in the Morning talking One Way Out and the ABB

Here's a link to Imus in the Morning interview.  Don Imus interviews me about the band and the book...
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Promo video for One Way Out

Promo video made by my friend Brandon Findlay. All photos from One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band. "This pot-stirring oral history reads like a backstory of how musical lightning comes to be. All of the surviving…

Checking in from Aspen - Aspen Times and hiking to 13,700 feet.

The Aspen Times did a nice story on me and my reading today. We've been in Aspen all week for a working vacation. Rebecca is finishing up an Aspen Institute fellowship and I am doing a reading at the great Explore Books today (Friday,…

Portland Oregonian Review of Big in China

The Oregonian ran a really nice, thoughtful, in-depth review of Big in China last week. Here it is re-reun on the website of the writer, John Strawn.
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"Alan Paul, A Southern Rock Champion"

There are times when I wish the 12-year-old could see me, and reading a headline calling me a "Southern Rock Champion" is one of them. It makes me think of being in my basement staring at the Skynyrd poster on the wood paneled wall, or laying…
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Ah, the good old days - Jet Lag division

And here's one for old time's sake. Since Big In China came out - and really since we moved to China, way back in 2005 - people have asked about the travel with the kids and how we dealt with jet lag. I even have a chapter in the book that at…

The China Daily is bullish on Big In China

"Big in China vividly conveys the open-ended, chaotic, wonder and possibility of being a foreigner in today's China. Alan Paul's evolution from expat-village 'trailing spouse' to star of the Chinese music scene stands for countless similar developments…

My "writerhead" - interview and Big in China giveaway

An interview with me on Kristin Bair O'Keeffe's new Writerhead blog - all about the creative process and how I write. Plus - if you've been too cheap to buy Big In China, we are giving away two copies there.

Panda Dad on the Today show.

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