Special gig this Friday June 20 in Maplewood

Saxophonist Dave Loevinger, one of my partners from Beijing’s Woodie Alan band will be in town and joining the Big in China band for a very special show.

THIS FRIDAY, June 20 at Highland Place Bar and Grill.
8:30 PM
5 Highland Pl, Maplewood.
More info and RSVP here.

Dave is a great, great player who raises the stakes every time he plays a solo and we have a tremendously fun and meaningful history together.

You read about him in Big in China. Now come on out and see him with the Big in China band.

Here’s a fun clip of Dave and I in Woodie Alan, playing at the JZ VClub in Hangzhou, China. His solo that drove the crowd wild begins at 4:54:

And here’s a recent clip of the Big in China band:

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