Saxophonist Dave Loevinger, one of my partners from Beijing’s Woodie Alan band will be in town and joining the Big in China band for a very special show.

THIS FRIDAY, June 20 at Highland Place Bar and Grill.
8:30 PM
5 Highland Pl, Maplewood.
More info and RSVP here.

Dave is a great, great player who raises the stakes every time he plays a solo and we have a tremendously fun and meaningful history together.

You read about him in Big in China. Now come on out and see him with the Big in China band.

Here’s a fun clip of Dave and I in Woodie Alan, playing at the JZ VClub in Hangzhou, China. His solo that drove the crowd wild begins at 4:54:

And here’s a recent clip of the Big in China band:

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